VeRo Liberator® Comminution technology

Efficiently comminute ores, slag, building materials and production rejects

 The basic idea of the VeRo Liberator® is to apply high-velocity bursts to solve the problem of inefficient comminution and incomplete particle release.

The groundbreaking VeRo Liberator® technology delivers very high degrees of comminution and release in just one operation and consumes significantly less energy than conventional methodsthe VeRo Liberator® also works dry.

Thanks to its modular, scalable and mobile structure, the VeRo Liberator® can be individually adapted to your comminution tasks.

VeRo Liberator
zerkleinertes Material

The VeRo Liberator® at a glance:

  • Individually available for 10 – 1,000 t/h
    » in modular container design

  • Comminution completely without water
    and still dust-free

  • Extremely energy efficient: 3-7 kWh/t
    » Energy savings of up to 80%

  • Low operating noise (approx. 75 dBA)

  • Comminution ratio
    F80 : P80 variable up to 1 : 1000

  • Production of powder or sand
    P80 variable < 2 µm to > 2mm

  • Comminution of mineral products, ores & Slag, building materials, product rejects

  • Exposure of reusable materials from process and incineration slags

  • Return of the product’s own material to production

  • Simple, fast maintenance and thus maximum flexibility in operation

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We send you comminuted material from recyclable materials of your choice.

VeRo Liberator® for the recycling sector

Reintroduce valuable materials that were believed to be lost back into the value chain with profit

With the transportable and stationary modules of the VeRo Liberator®, you can recycle real valuables. What used to be given away or thrown away can now be brought back into the value-added cycle efficiently and profitably.

Building rubble, (waste incineration) slag and production rejects such as coarse ceramics, for example, are processed with the VeRo Liberator ®, which can be scaled down to 10 t/h, for a immediate further use variably crushed into powder, sand or gravel size.

Benefits for the recycling sector

  • Fast comminution on site thanks to mobile modules

  • Waste, scrap or damaged building materials
    are recycled to full value

  • Can be used for a wide variety of materials and building materials

  • Financial value creation instead of losses

Rapid comminution | Variable in powder, sand or gravel size

VeRo Liberator Pulver
VeRo Liberator

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We send you comminuted material from recyclable materials of your choice.